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Flap Disc - Zirconia - 7 inch - Type 29 - Fiberglass Backed - 80 Grit
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Flap Disc - Zirconia - 7 inch - Type 29 - Fiberglass Backed - 80 Grit


Mini resin fiber discs are manufactured utilizing a multilayer, heavy duty vulcanized fiber as backing, which is then covered with a resin bond coat specially designed to resist loading, glazing and grain stripping. This bond coat is then covered with mineral abrasive grains formulated for toughness and sharpness.
Resin fiber discs are available in many different styles. Variances include the diameter, the arbor hole size, the shape of the disc, and the shape of the arbor hole.



  • Very high removal rate
  • Very long life
  • Cool cutting performance
  • Even grinding pattern


  • Performance grinding for high stock removal
  • Removal of welded seams and edge grinding
  • Works on burrs and rough casts
  • Ideal for surface grinding of small areas
  • Rust removal and cleaning

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